Top Tips for Running safely

8 April 2022

At Saucony, we exist for runners. All our apparel & Footwear is designed and engineered with you in mind. A big part of this is ensuring that our gear is designed to help keep you safe while exercising.

Our focus and passion for running are what drive us to aim for the very best when creating shoes and apparel for your adventures. Road running may not sound like a dangerous sport, but you’re sharing the terrain with powerful vehicles. So, there are several essential measures you can take to make sure your run goes as safely and smoothly as possible.

Be seen

Being visible is one of the most important parts of staying safe while running. This is particularly important if you’re running after dark. Bright fluorescent colours and whites will help you stand out in the dark, but for maximum safety, you should ideally wear something reflective. This is why we’ve developed a range of running shoes with highly reflective details, designed to light up under street lights or in car headlights, to keep you as visible as possible.

Safety in numbers

Running with a friend or a group of friends is a good idea (especially if its in the dark). Not only does this ensure you have a buddy to keep an eye out for your safety, but it can also motivate you to hit the pavement regularly.

Running in a Group

Keep the music low

It’s important to be able to hear your surroundings when running so you can identify any danger in plenty of time, especially in areas where there’s traffic. This is why it’s best to run without earphones, or at least keep the volume as low as possible if you really have to listen to music.

Prepare for anything

Not all runs go to plan. It’s also important that before you set out you let someone know where you will be running and what time you think you’ll be back. You should also take your mobile phone in case of emergencies.

Most importantly get out there and enjoy yourself. When you’re equipped with the right gear and safety knowledge running is a fantastic way to keep fit.