Kinvara Pro - The Courage to Change

28 July 2023

To know where we're going. You must first know where we came from.

Born from the belief that medals are earned in training, and competition is the victory lap to pick them up. Kinvara has - and always will be – the daily performance trainer with a no-days-off attitude.

In the late-2000’s while barefoot running was trending, Saucony was tinkering on an athlete development project, we coined “minimalism done responsibly”.

Sure, 99% of the world thought we were crazy, but there’s a reason Kinvara has transcended time - It takes courage to change.

Innovation is 1% luck and 99% relentless commitment to change.

Over the years, Kinvara has evolved with the runner’s need,
because that’s what we believe matters most.


Best Debut (Runners World)

Gear of the world (Outside)


Best Buy (Runners World)


Hits the world stage at the Olympics.

The trainer that earned 3 medals.


Best update (Runner's World)


International Editors choice (Runner's World)


Ironman World Championships (Top 5 shoe 4 years running)


Editors choice (Runner's World)


Best Shoes for every run (Runner's World)


Best Running Shoe (Gear Patrol)

The next era of running

Fast forward a decade and say hello to plated, superfoam shoes.

Designed to push your race day limits,

Or so we thought.

To us , the sum is always greater than its parts.

So, we remixed our advanced technologies to optimize the 99% of your training runs that make you 1% better each day.

Because when you commit to making each day stronger than the last – it’s PROfoundly transformative.