Meet the Endorphin Speed

28 September 2020

28th September 2020 - The Saucony Endorphin Speed is dropping Online & Instore THIS WEEK, so keep an eye out so you don't miss out

Women's Endorphin Speed

Written by Ted Fitzpatrick (Senior Director of Product Management)

Carbon-plated racing shoes have been all the rage in the running industry this year.

The Saucony Endorphin Pro hit the market only recently with a huge bang, with Elite runners such as American Marathon runner Molly Seidel qualifying for Tokyo Olympics in a pair. Even with the COVID-19 restrictions in place and postponement of this year’s running events, almost every size has been sold out by runners looking to try it out.

The reviews on the shoe were overwhelmingly positive. The Endorphin Pro was hyped up before it was released so it was great to see it live up to the expectations.

The success of the Endorphin Pro makes me think about when you don’t get all the hype because you are overshadowed by your bigger brother or sister. That’s exactly where the Endorphin Speed at $259.99 comes into play for Saucony. The Endorphin Speed is the “little brother or sister” to the carbon-plated $319.99 Pro, and it’s becoming available in only a matter of days.

This story starts with the genesis of the Endorphin Speed.

During the development of the Pro we began to see some of our Track athletes wearing prototype test pairs for more than racing or hard tempo runs. Brian Shrader was often spotted in a test pair on his non-workout days. The quicker transition, forward roll and lightweight feel was something he liked even on easy days, long runs and maintenance runs.

The PwrRun PB foam is second to none. It is super light with amazing energy efficiency. And we were hearing from our athletes that it was sensational, they loved to run in them frequently if not daily. This insight led to the co-development of the Endorphin Speed while we were building the Pro. We realized there was a huge unmet need with a lightweight, high-energy-return everyday shoe with our SpeedRoll geometry.

We decided that you don’t have to be an elite athlete racing a marathon or trying to set a road PR to enjoy what the Endorphin and SpeedRoll geometry is all about. We set out to democratize the new feel of fast in the endorphin Speed.

We wanted to bring fast to the everyday runner.

Endorphin Speed Black Gold

The product team identified three “creature comforts” to engineer into the Speed.

First, we took inspiration from the Kinvara and designed an upper with comfort and support. That’s where the more substantial heel counter, collar foam and tongue package come into play.

Second, we traded out the super thin single layer engineered mesh in the Pro for a more substantial engineered mono-mesh. The mono-mesh construction keeps it light and breathable, but with added structure and durability for everyday.

Finally, we traded out the carbon plate for a nylon plate. We knew through testing that the plate was critical to create a more efficient “hips forward” sensation and our signature SpeedRoll. Swapping from carbon to nylon kept SpeedRoll as part of the package, but in a slightly more flexible everyday form.

Testing proved out the changes we made to deliver ‘a great everyday shoe with a faster feel and more efficient ride’. And the best part, The Men’s (US9) came in at only 227g, that’s SUPER LIGHT-WEIGHT. It truly has everything a runner could want. Lightweight, energy return, soft cushion, everyday comfort, and it looks fantastic.

Buyer beware though. Once you start logging the km’s in the Endorphin Speed, your other running shoes won’t feel the same.

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