Beginners Guide to Road Running

26 May 2023

Getting started with road running can seem intimidating at first, but after setting some boundaries and goals you’ll be pounding the pavements in no time. Check out our tips below to help you get started when you’re most running you’re used to is for the bus rather than for fun.

Start slow and try an app

Apps like Couch to 5K are designed for true beginners who are not used to running any kind of distance. It helps by starting you with interval running at shorter distances (run, walk, run) then scaling up and up to longer distances, before finishing with you running 5K outright. With helpful narrations and celebrity contributions so you can feel pumped for going on. In addition, with little rewards in the app for hitting milestones can also help you want to hit those goals faster. It’s self managed so you can truly go at your pace, especially if you’re trying to get used to certain distances.

Plan it out.

Start by planning it all out to help you with motivation. Aiming for a consistent regular schedule for your runs can help regulate a good routine for you. Starting with how to become motivated can include things like a formal plan (curate a set time to leave, playlists or even jogging with friends).. Regularity can also help, popping it in say, 2-3 times a week on the same day at the same time can help to carve out a formal routine to help you stick to it.

Try walking first

Before you even get out there and run, try walking first. Brisk walks or even a go on an exercise bike will help prep your body for regular exercise so it’s not a huge shock to the system when you start running.

Plan out your route

If you’re newer to running it might be worth scoping out a good route that doesn’t leave you too far from home if you get slightly out of breath or behind on your plans. Look at little loops – whether it’s a guided route around a park or even just a couple of laps around your own block.

Get the right gear

Plan for the right kind of weather, if you’re running in winter, check out our running clothing for men and running clothing for women – there’s a great selection of longer sleeve tops as well as great layering options like singlets and lighter jackets to keep you warm. Especially for those of you who are getting into interval runs. If you’re doing any late night runs, please stay safe, and aim to keep to well lit areas, head torches and reflective gear is a must for any park running where lighting is at a minimum so you can signal to others that you’re there.

Make sure you also pick up a pair of dedicated road running shoes like the Women’s Endorphin Speed 3 or Men’s Triumph 20 ranges. Road Running shoes offer a different level of traction to Trail Running Shoes, and are often slightly more responsive to repetitive movement – you might also find that some road runners have carbon plates to boost performance too.

Get out there and build that confidence

Once you’ve got your routine down pat and your gear sorted, the world is your oyster; we love Park Runs for their structure and organisation. Gamifying your run and putting you with like minded runners each Saturday morning is a surefire way to build out that confidence. Phone apps like Strava can also post your run time and distance onto social media as you train, as well as logging your progress as you keep going.

Why not register for an organised race like a 10K or 15K later in the year so you have a proper target to aim for?

You got this, see you out there on the road!.