For our latest ask an athlete we caught up with Triathlete Tim Rea to find out about the man himself and his running story.


How did you get into your chosen Discipline?

Having always been very active growing up swimming, running and playing ball sports, sport was something I had a huge passion for. I was never overly successful in any one sport and I loved to do everything. Then triathlon came knocking at the door. After seeing a mate race Ironman 70.3 Cairns in 2014, I decided to sign up for a Ironman 70.3 Port Macquarie later that year (my first triathlon) and after a very strong first up result, I haven’t looked back.



Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration to succeed in the sport comes from a few certain people close to me, including my coach Tim Reed. The most professional person I’ve ever met, Tim has taught me many things about the sport of triathlon as well as away from the sport and is constantly challenging me. Tim is a huge inspiration for me as well as role model, having himself moved through the Age Group ranks all the way to Professional Triathlete and recently Ironman 70.3 World Champion.


Have you experienced any setbacks in your career, if so how did you get past it?

Since beginning triathlon I have been fairly injury free, putting aside a few minor niggling injuries which seems to be the general trend among the sport. Before Triathlon however, I suffered severe injuries playing rugby and snow skiing resulting in 2x right shoulder and 2x right knee reconstructions within a 3 year period. These injuries ultimately led me towards the sport of triathlon and are currently not impacting my training or racing…touch wood!!


As a runner what do you think the most important lesson you can learn is?

Never lose sight of the end goal, however you must be enjoying what you’re doing. Too many athletes can get bogged down in certain ‘numbers’ their watch is spitting out and don’t focus on the simple pleasure of going for a run. Having my coach incorporate longer/easier run sessions into my weekly training routine helps me to keep this balance, where I can simply go out and run for the fun of it – be it early morning, on trails, or wherever I please.



What is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal in the sport of triathlon is yet to be determined, however currently I hope to stay injury free and begin racing as a Professional Triathlete in the near future. I am focused on this progression from Age Group athlete to Professional and have been working solidly towards this for the past 12 months.


Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?

I don’t have any particular saying or motto I live by, but I can’t help go past the “hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard” saying. Particularly relevant to the sport of Triathlon, I believe that no one can get by on talent alone as this sport requires so much attention to the finer details associated with 3 individual sports.


What piece of advice would you give anyone who wants to get into triathlons?

Never lose sight of why you started the sport – for fun! Although racing can get serious and potentially turn into a job, make sure you never lose the spark which made you start the sport in the first case. Take every session, day and race as another challenge and focus on the process rather than the outcome.


Do you have any other passions besides running? 

Apart from running there is the obvious passion for both swimming and cycling, with each of these disciplines requiring a large amount of training. On top of these I am a very keen Rugby Union fan having played for nearly 20 years prior to Triathlon, I love all American Sports except baseball, I love snow skiing and have a strong passion for good coffee.


If you could invite any 3 people alive or dead to a dinner party who would they be and why?


Tom Brady (New England Patriots and All Star NFL Quarterback) – Having always been a huge NFL and American sports fan, I have a huge respect for the way he has trained for and played NFL over the past 16 years. Id then also be able to ask him for a ticket to the Super Bowl!


Jan Frozen (Olympic Gold medalist and 2x Ironman World Champion) – Currently the best Long course Triathlete in the world as well as reigning back to back Ironman World Champion. His attention to detail and preparation for racing is something I’ve found mind blowing and Id love to ask him some questions regarding the sport, training and the change from OD to IM triathlon racing.


Steve Jobs (Founder and CEO Apple) – Regarded as one of the greatest businessmen ever, Steve Jobs will be remembered for founding the empire that is Apple. A pure genius who changed the way the world is and operates today.



By Tim Rea – Saucony Hurricanes Athlete


Follow more of Tim Rea on Instagram: @timrea


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