For our latest ask an athlete we caught up with Distance Runner Julian Spence to find out about the man himself, his running story and his favourite running shoe.


What got you into long distance running?

I was a late starter to the running scene. I was in a job that offered a certain amount of time for physical activity and I joined the running club that was offered in the area. From there I watched a close mate run a marathon and I couldn’t help myself, I entered one as soon as I got home from watching him finish!


What is your biggest accomplishment to date?

I feel like winning the Great Ocean Road Marathon in 2015 is my biggest accomplishment. Although it wasn’t a fast time it’s pretty rare that one can win a marathon, especially your ‘local’ one. Also, I ran a 100km race and crossing the finish line that day was a pretty big accomplishment I felt!


What do you do in your training that you believe is your key to success?

3 main things in my training that I feel are very important
• Consistent high mileage
• Weekly long run >2 hours
• Specificity for goal races in my workouts



What is your biggest challenge?

Easily my biggest challenge is balancing running higher mileage with maintaining full time employment and keeping a happy home! After a long day at work the last thing you can feel like is belting out a long set of marathon specific intervals. Luckily my partner Brianne is a gun in the kitchen and helps out in a big way when I’m off running.


Who are your heroes or do you look up to and why?

I look up to my Dad who has never taken a sick day in his life and works his heart out for the benefit of his family. I like to think I get my work ethic from him.


Do you have a ritual before a big race?

Not really but literally can’t get out the door without knocking over a latte.


What’s is your favourite Saucony Shoe and why?

Can I have 2 favourites?
• Saucony Triumph ISO 2. The fact that Saucony made such a natural feeling shoe with the cushion to handle high mileage is amazing. It’s such a balanced feel underfoot and stable enough to look after the back end of 40km runs.
• Saucony Kinvara 7. I’ve worn this one since version 2 and never had any dramas. The new version feels like it can go further but delivers when you pick up the pace. The PERFECT marathoners shoe.



What would you do if you weren’t a runner?

Golf for sure. I pretty much have the game wired (play off handicap ~20)


If you could invite any 3 people alive or dead to a dinner party who would they be and why?

Lets get the man responsible for my favourite quote around Rod Dixon (“All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal”) He can chat it out with big Collis Birmingham, my favourite present day distance runner. And it is a party so we’d need former Victorian miler stud Jonny Matthews, because who wouldn’t have fun with that guy around.


Thanks to Julian for taking the time to answer our questions and good luck for your upcoming events!


If you would like to keep up Julian you can follow his results on his Strava Profile.


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