Better than the devil you know: Saucony Originals and solebox bring back the “Pink Devil”

  Saucony Originals and solebox are teaming up again with another bold collaboration, the Saucony Shadow 5000 EVR.   A nod to the first collaboration with solebox in 2012, the “Pink Devil” again uses the original Shadow 5000 silhouette as its blueprint. The dual-coloured construction starts with pink at the toe and gradually fades to […]


The Lowdown on Hydration for Runners

  Athletes often pay attention to hydration during or before a workout or race, but being adequately hydrated is important for health and vitality in everyday life.   Every system within your body relies on having enough water –  think proper digestion, absorption of nutrients, healthy skin, temperature regulation, optimal brain power and even efficient […]


Making your fitness New Year’s Resolution stick

  It’s a well-known fact that at the start of each year gyms benefit tremendously from the predictable flood of new members who decide their New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. It explains the enormous price drop on memberships post Christmas, and excuses most from feeling guilty about indulging in more Christmas nosh (yum, […]


A healthy approach to Christmas indulgence

  Somehow another year has rolled by – which means it is party season again!   Sadly, that can also mean a risky time of year when it comes to health, body composition and fitness goals, even for the most avid runners. Weight gain over the holiday season is all too common, and tends to […]