Kicking up some dirt in the Pergerine 7

When I was given the opportunity to take the Peregrine 7s for a ‘test drive’, I couldn’t refuse the offer. Particularly, as I was a fan of Saucony road running shoes (hurricanes) over the many, many years when I consistently pounded the pavement.  Given 90% of my running is now on trails, I was excited […]


Altitude Training at Falls Creek with Ed Vining

We caught up with runner Eddie Vining who has just spent his holidays in Falls creek altitude training with his squad, here Eddie tells us a bit about the benefits and why it’s so popular for Australian distance running.   You’d be hard pressed to find a better opportunity during the year to train with […]


Mindful eating to boost your performance

The concept of mindful eating is not a new one and echoes other aspects of life that encourage self-reflection and increased awareness of self as well as environment (including those around us and the influence they exert). It also allows for greater freedom, no longer bound by strict rules, wrapped in guilt, and thinking of […]


5 Minutes With Triathlete – Tim Rea

For our latest ask an athlete we caught up with Triathlete Tim Rea to find out about the man himself and his running story.   How did you get into your chosen Discipline? Having always been very active growing up swimming, running and playing ball sports, sport was something I had a huge passion for. I was […]