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  • WOMEN'S GUIDE 15 - Alloy/quartz
  • S10684-14-TBK / Triple Black
  • WOMEN'S GUIDE 15 - Cool Mint/acid
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Quick Overview

The new Saucony Guide 15 Triple Black has been designed with comfort and fit as it's top priority, keeping your foot supportive through premium technology.


Guiding every step to feel-good runs.
The new Saucony Guide 15 has been designed with comfort and fit as the top priority.

Built using lightweight durable materials, and a softer PWRRUN cushioning formula to grant a smooth yet powerful stride from heel to toe. The deeper footbed construction allows the foot to sit more securely in the shoe for excellent support when training.

+ Now with Recycled materials.
+ New lighter PWRRUN cushioning, providing just-right softness that's responsive enough to tackle as many km's as you wish.
+ HOLLOW-TECH, giving your foot the support it needs in a lightweight, minimalistic way.
+ The new medial TPU guidance frame quickly and quietly guides each foot through its natural gait cycle for the smoothest feel yet.
+ FORMFIT surrounds the foot with a made-for-me feel that can accommodate a wide range of foot shapes comfortably.
+ Saucony's infamous XT-900 Rubber Outsole, giving you optimal traction and durability.

+ Shoe Category: Stability
+ Offset: 8mm
+ Weight: 264g

SKU: S10684-14-TBK