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  • S10684-15-GRY / Alloy/quartz
  • WOMEN'S GUIDE 15 - Triple Black
  • WOMEN'S GUIDE 15 - Cool Mint/acid
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Quick Overview

The new Saucony Guide 15 has been designed with comfort and fit as it's top priority, keeping your foot supportive through premium technology.


Guiding every step to feel-good runs.
The new Saucony Guide 15 has been designed with comfort and fit as the top priority.

Built using lightweight durable materials, and a softer PWRRUN cushioning formula to grant a smooth yet powerful stride from heel to toe. The deeper footbed construction allows the foot to sit more securely in the shoe for excellent support when training.

+ Now with Recycled materials.
+ New lighter PWRRUN cushioning, providing just-right softness that's responsive enough to tackle as many km's as you wish.
+ HOLLOW-TECH, giving your foot the support it needs in a lightweight, minimalistic way.
+ The new medial TPU guidance frame quickly and quietly guides each foot through its natural gait cycle for the smoothest feel yet.
+ FORMFIT surrounds the foot with a made-for-me feel that can accommodate a wide range of foot shapes comfortably.
+ Saucony's infamous XT-900 Rubber Outsole, giving you optimal traction and durability.

+ Shoe Category: Stability
+ Offset: 8mm
+ Weight: 264g

SKU: S10684-15-GRY