Tips on Trail Running - Anna McKenna

8 June 2022

Tips on Trail Running with Australia's own Ultra Endurance runner Anna McKenna

How did you find Peregrine 12?

What better way to test a new pair of trail shoes than on a 50km trail?

The run was incredibly wet, muddy, slippery and technical in some areas and it’s fair to say I was so impressed with the Saucony Peregrine 12.

The first thing I noticed was it was incredibly light and comfortable the whole run, felt like a nimble racing shoe but also so supportive.

Secondly, the shoe gave me so much confidence running through the trail, especially on the downhills. With the grippy outsole and the aggressive lugs it gave me awesome traction.

I know now that this shoe can certainly handle any conditions, while allowing me to go fast when it's needed.

How to best prepare for a trail running event?

Obviously a large part of preparing for a trail running event is physical - getting outside, training consistently and showing up everyday for yourself.

But I also think being prepared mentally is just as important, if not more, especially knowing your 'why' before you start. You are guaranteed to hit some rough patches and when you hit those tough moments in the race that “why” will help motivate you to reach your end goal, and not allow anyone else’s or your own negativity to rub off on you.

I usually like to write this one down on some paper, that makes it more real when it’s physically there in front of me.

How to adapt when a big event is postponed?

It’s easy to get frustrated or disappointed with the last couple of years we have had with covid and the impact on races, but looking back two years ago I would have never have dreamt about where I would be as an ultra-runner now and the lessons learnt.

Although racing is exciting and it’s like a celebration of the training and hard work, it’s the ability to constantly evolve, progress and embrace new opportunities, taking on new challenges that have been valuable lessons, sort of throwing out the rule book.<br /> In the end everyone is in the same boat, when one door closes another one may open, so being open and optimistic moving forward is key.

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