With the launch of the new Kinvara 9, we asked four-time Olympian, Benita Willis to take them for a test run. Here is what she had to say: 


As an elite athlete, I’ve worn (and loved) Saucony shoes for many years, including training in Boulder (Colorado) leading up to the 2012 London Olympics. Across the board, I’ve found Saucony to be a true “running” brand, stemming from the design and wear testing of each shoe, to the people who work for this amazing shoe company. I have always loved my Kinvara runners and was fortunate enough to try the new Saucony Kinvara 9 recently in my home town, Brisbane.


For this review I wore the Denim Tech pair. I found them very sleek on my foot and wearable straight from the box on a long run. I received plenty of comments, mostly like “where did you get those shoes” during the test period.


They are very light-weight making the runners perfect for longer races, long runs, interval sessions or trips to the gym. Despite being so light, the shoes provide great support and as I tend to run with mild pronation, they gave me the support I needed to get through every type of run I did, with no pain or discomfort. Each foot strike with the ground felt padded and had a light spring to push off with each time, giving me energy from the ground up to get through runs, even on days when I was tired or had been traveling interstate or overseas.


I am head coach for the Brisbane Girls Grammar School run teams and during the many grass training sessions (with heavy dew or in the rain), it felt good with my Kinvara 9 runners. I love the nice mesh outer, which I found somewhat water resistant and very easy to clean once I got home.


I also love the versatility of the Saucony Kinvara 9. From hilly marathons to trail runs and everything inbetween, the Saucony Kinvara 9 are the right shoes. I did a trail run in Bunyaville last week and loved how snug they felt around my foot, allowing me to push off with each tight turn, then be light-weight for the uphill sections. The Kinvara 9 really is the perfect all-rounder shoe.


About Benita

Benita Willis is an 11-time Australian record holder, four-time Olympian, two-time Commonwealth Games representative, 2004 IAAF World Cross Country Champion, 2003 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships bronze medalist and three-time Australian 5,000 metres champion.

Benita is currently the Recreational Running Manager at Queensland Athletics (Qrun), an online running coach and leads the running program at Brisbane Girls Grammar School.

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