15 February 2021

by Harry Young - Australian Triathlete & holder of multiple Age Group National Titles

What does running mean to me?

If you asked me 8 years ago “Would you ever consider being a triathlete?” I would’ve spilt my beer from laughing at you so much!

That’s until my hero, my idol, my world, my brother - asked me to help him train for an Ironman triathlon. Of course I was going to say yes! Thinking “this’ll be easy, I mean how hard is swimming, cycling and running?” I was very, very mistaken.

After helping my big brother train for his Ironman, we did a few local running races and triathlon events. After being witness to the amazing atmosphere that both athletics and multi-sport bring, I was hooked!

After long hours of running, cycling and swimming together, he went on to complete his Ironman and then I knew, it was my turn.

Until... my brother tragically died in a motorcycle accident. My whole world was taken from me, my heart was ripped apart and I felt as if I couldn’t go on. However, I did.

What did I do? I trained.

Harry Young Running Harry Young Running

I swam, I cycled, and I ran. I did this to suppress the pain in my heart and to be attached with my brother, as that’s the last thing we did together. We ran 22kms.

"Running is my escape, my freedom -
it’s my way of connecting to my big brother. It makes me smile knowing I’m doing this for him.
I run the world with him by my side."

Harry Young Running Harry Young