#FindYourStrong Favorites + Running Resolutions

4 November 2018

To our fans: we love seeing the footprints you’ve made with our Saucony shoes and how you continue to #FindYourStrong. So, to pay homage to the memories shared with us, here are twelve of our favorites we’d like to share back with you!

We reached out to each featured fan and asked them to tell us the story behind their Instagram photo and what their New Year’s Running Resolutions are.



1. Heather Breischneider (@hbretsch) & Macy, her pup

Photo by: Jamie Douglas Photography (@jamiedouglasphotography)
Location: 2,408 m Mt. Frosty in Manning Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

“My good pal Jamie (photographer) and I were looking for a nice long adventure day, so we set out for a sun up/sun down outing. Made the drive to Manning Park and did the 28km round trip route to the top of Frosty (2,408 m). My running pup, Macy goes everywhere with me!”

“In 2016 I hope to explore some of BC’s best trails like the Howe Sound Crest, Juan de Fuca and Sunshine Coast Trail and take on Fat Dog 50M, and Finlayson Arm 50K. We are spoiled in this province and there are so many adventures to be had!”


2. Unknown

If anyone knows who took this epic photo, please message us! We’d love to reward them.


3. Zach Ganshirt (@dead_in_magazines)
Photo by: Doug Austin Photography
Location: 2015 America East Cross Country Championships in Stony Brook, New York, US

“This picture was taken during the final 100 meters of an 8k. I kicked so hard that it took me a few minutes to register where I was after the race! As a team, we had one goal, and that was to leave absolutely everything we had out on the course. As a result, we won by 30 points. Being my last cross country race ever in a UMass Lowell uniform, I was seeking for pain, because I knew that if I was hurting then I was doing what I needed to do. Glory comes with a price!”

“This upcoming year is an important one for me. My college career is winding down and it’s time to really start focusing on the goals I’ve set for running. I won’t list the exact times, but I’m looking to run some fast races in order to qualify for the more prestigious meets. To do that, I need to keep up with my stretching, strengthening and overall drive to be the best runner possible. It’s all about keeping up with the daily routines that generate long-term success.”


4. Robin Lindgren (@iamspeedy1)
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

“I am a steeplechaser/5 k runner from Sweden and since the winters here are really cold, I usually travel to SA for the warmth and some altitude training. The last days of the training camp I go down to sea level to race or to do a test run. I am seeking faster times on the track which will sometimes bring me to exotic places like this.”

“My 2016 New Year’s Running Resolutions are to get stronger and qualify for the European Championships.”


5. Tim Kelly (@alkemyphoto)
Location: An old, grown over horse trail in Cleveland Metroparks, Ohio, US

“I seek fun, plain and simple. Running for me is a way to step outside and go wild. We have to be on our best behavior in real life and trail running allows me to be a kid again.”

“My 2016 New Year’s Running Resolutions are to be consistent and to push mental boundaries, because we all know that’s the only thing stopping us. Also, to have fun and finish Leadville 100.”


6. Pat Fannon (@patfannon)
Location: 3,200 ft at Mt. Manadnock, New Hampshire, US

“After a tough climb up, I was amazed at how beautiful it was at the top. It was perfect, I was up in the clouds and felt like I was floating up there.”

“My 2016 New Year’s Running Resolutions include qualifying for the Boston Marathon and going on more adventures like this one!”


7. Micah Drew (@mddrew)
Location: 10,157 ft at Trapper Peak, Montana, US

“I was out with two friends seeking new trails and new mountains! We were trying for a peak a week, but sadly got too busy to keep it up for long.”

“My 2016 New Year’s Running Resolutions are to stay injury free, hit new PRs on the track, pack my year with trail races, and explore more mountains and trails!”


8. Eric Finan (@erictfinan)
Location: Fairview High, Boulder, Colorado, US

“This was my last VO2max interval session at altitude before returning to Minneapolis for the track season. I was seeking a place on the 2015 World Champs team, but then got hurt.”

“My 2016 New Year’s Running Resolutions are to make the Olympic Team, run a sub-13:20 5k, and run a sub 3:55 mile.”


9. Katie Morse (@katiehartmorse)
Location: 2015 Chicago Marathon, Illinois, US

“I wanted to showcase my mentee finishing her first marathon. I was so happy being a part of her journey and she was happy to be out there doing her first one!”

“My goal is to help support others achieve their goals and dreams, especially first timers. For my own personal running, I want to focus on speed. I want to get faster and try to beat my half marathon PR, as well as my 70.3 PR.”


10. John Mahoney (@imjohnmahoney)
Location: Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk, Sydney, Australia

“It feels good to run, it fills me with energy and I’m extremely grateful to finally be back running after an injury prone 2014/15 Triathlon season. I’m seeking to take my training to the next level. I have a training program ready to tackle, and I’m looking forward to putting it into practice.”

“I’m working on strengthening all the ‘links in the chain’, by improving my flexibility from head to toe, running strong and staying injury free (oh, and I’m having a crack at Ironman!) #FindYourStrong.”


11. Michael Moran (@mmpants32)
Location: Lake Waban in Wellesley, Massachusetts, US

“My friend and I were just finishing a long run on a beautiful day, so we thought a heel kick was the right thing to do. I am seeking to be the best athlete, teacher, and father I can be. As an athlete, I push myself to accomplish more than the day before, or the last race, or my personal best.  As a teacher and coach, I love sharing my running goals with my students and athletes and showing them that achieving a goal takes determination and persistence. In the spring I am running the 120th Boston Marathon, and my students will line the course in Newton to encourage me and help me get to the finish line. This year, I am running for a local education cause, which I care deeply about: Kids Connect, in Natick, Ma. The organization provides education support for students whose families may not have the financial ability to receive the additional help needed for their child to be successful in school. Running for others has given me a greater sense of purpose and even helps to push me out of bed in the morning. As a dad, I want my daughter to be proud of the example I try to set for her. I want her to know that chasing big dreams is something you do every day, not just on marathon day. Running has helped me to be a good example for my students, friends and my daughter.”

“This year, like every year, I expect to continue setting challenging running goals for myself. I want to run Boston faster and smarter. I want to achieve my goal of raising money for my charity. I want to remain consistent and get stronger, physically and mentally. I hope to keep up with my fast running buddies and have fun doing it. Lastly, I want to focus on staying healthy by strengthening and focusing on nutrition.”


12. aldo L hernandez Beltran (@bluerunner_45)
Location: El Paso, Texas, US

“The story behind this photo is my mental preparation. It was 2 weeks before finals and I felt like I needed to do something to prove my strength. So, I ran 3 miles uphill. I was seeking inspiration. At that time, I needed to find within my self the strength I knew I had to conquer finals and my tough workout.”

“My New Year’s Running Resolutions are to grow as a runner, run my first marathon, get a new personal best in the half marathon and mile, and to be able to inspire runners to chase their best times.”