There is a lot to be said for eating a banana a day, if you look at the success 17 year old Junior Champ Montana McAvoy. Growing up on a banana farm in Innisfail far North Qld. Monatana left home in 2016 to attend boarding school in Ipswich in order to pursue her dream running career.  At only 17 she has claimed two national champion tittles in the 3000m and a national champion in 2000m steeplechase.  In July this year Montana was selected to compete in the Youth Commonwealth Games in the Bahama the 3000ms, placing an impressive 5th overall.

We are delighted to have Montana as part of our Saucony Hurricanes team and recently caught up to ask her a few questions.



Tell us about how you got started running? 

At primary school in Innisfail, every morning before school there was a 15 minutes endurance run  around the oval.  I started to running here every morning and once I turned 10, I was able to compete in my first state championships and have done so ever since.  This is my 8th year of competitive running.


 What are your goals for this year?

My goals for the rest of the year is trying to run a Commonwealth B qualifier for the 3000m Steeplchase. I also want to qualify for the World U20 champs coming up in Finland.


 What else do you enjoy apart from running?

I love to play other sports like Football (Soccer), Touch Football and Hockey. I also love to spend time with my family and friends at home.


What is your advice to beginner runners?

 Just to be consistent. Consistency is key and if you can string together weeks then months of training you will see yourself improve.



What is one thing you do every single day no matter what to maintain optimal health?

Eat a Banana. Living on a banana farm I have learnt to love bananas and without a doubt I eat one every single day.


Tell us about your training routine.

I have to balance my training with school so generally this means running before or after school with recovery and strength work included.


Do you have any tips for staying motivated? What advice do you have for runners who are in a rut?

I would say learn to enjoy it again. Find places you love to go running, surround yourself with friends who have similar interests and do sessions and training that you personally really enjoy. Take the pressure away from yourself.


What is your favorite running shoe? 

I love training in the Type A and racing in the Endorphin Spike.


What’s your post-race treat? 

 A burger and chips!



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Special thanks to Montana McAvoy for sharing her story with us.




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