Ride ISO: In Review

  Marathon runner, Robyn Jordan traded in her Kinvaras to see how the Ride ISO would stack up in preparation for the Gold Coast Marathon earlier this month and the Melbourne Marathon in October. Here’s what she thought.       I am the worst kind of runner when it comes to shoes. I find a […]

Run Without Rules: Introducing the Freedom ISO2

  Its predecessor, the Freedom ISO, broke new ground as the brand’s first-ever performance running shoe with a full-length EVERUN™ midsole. Now, the second-generation Freedom makes its debut featuring ISOKNIT, an engineered performance knit that works with Saucony’s racing-inspired ISOFIT system to deliver the brand’s most dynamic and unbounded running experience to date.   ISOKNIT […]

What Happens in the Brain When We Run

If you’re a runner, it’s likely that you already believe running has a powerful effect on your state of mind.   But for Ben Martynoga, a British neuroscientist, he’s spent almost 20 years in labs around the world, trying to better understand the connection between running and the brain on a neurological level and how […]

The Shoe Wizard reviews the Freedom ISO

Freedom is as Freedom does: Saucony Freedom ISO Review Published on 19 April 2018 by The Shoe Wizard    The Shoe Wizard is an independent shoe reviewer, who has found a way to connect his love of running and writing. He recently gave the Freedom ISO a whirl and penned a few words. Enjoy!    So, I’m not […]